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Our pursuit of the perfect Oxford shirt began with a visit to where all great ideas are formed, the pub. The four of us thought long and hard about whom to work with, where to make them and how we can put our own spin on such a prestigious wardrobe staple. 

The STPL Oxford is a throwback to an era of skilful craftsmanship and thoughtful production. Our staples are intentional and built to last, which is why we only work with expert designers, world-class fabrics and skilled artisans to create our Oxford shirt.

As with all of our staples, we set out to create a versatile and stylish piece. The kind of shirt which looks great in the office, on a date, out with your pals and wherever you choose to wear it.

It was this commitment to style and class which led us to Savile Row.

The art of tailoring spans hundreds of years and Savile Row has been at the forefront of tailoring for all of those years, It is the tailoring capital of the world for a reason. We are based in London, and it was a no-brainer for us to start and end our search for. a designer on this most esteemed London Street. 

Savile Row Tailoring

Whilst Savile Row is the tailoring capital of the world, Carnaby Street was the epicenter of one of the greatest cultural revolutions the world has ever seen, the Swinging Sixties. The counter culture movement of The Swinging Sixties inspires us and is something we decided to incorporate into The STPL Oxford.

From the birthplace of Swinging London in the 1960s, the home of Mods, Skinheads, Punks and New Romantics to the street style of today. Carnaby has and always will be the epicenter of culture and lifestyle in London's West End.

Carnaby Street

As a London-based brand, we are determined to create staple pieces which take inspiration from the magnificent city around us. London has had a huge effect on fashion worldwide, so we are determined to incorporate as much of London into STPL as we possibly can. 


It was after interviewing many great tailors that we came across Francesco.

Francesco trained at one of the most prestigious fashion schools in Milan, worked on Savile Row for over a decade and then opened his own bottega on Carnaby Street, we couldn't believe our fortune. We had found the perfect guy.

Francesco got to work and has created a piece which is simply breathtaking. We simply couldn't be happier.

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