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The Method Behind STPL

Good inspiration doesn't happen often but, when it does, it's something to grab onto (with both hands) and pursue with everything you've got. Because that inspiration is exactly what you need to motivate you when times get tough, while being challenging enough that the potential gets you out of bed in the morning. Well, that, and a great cup of coffee – we’re not animals.

Good STPLs don’t just happen by accident. They’re driven by a few principles that mean the world to us, the people who make our t-shirts, and you, the ones who wear them (and make them look damn good).

We believe in:

Minimalism. And filling our lives with meaningful experiences and things that matter – instead of endless amounts of stuff. That applies to our attention too, and focusing on whatever we define as important. Because that old adage is true: where your focus goes, so does your energy. Better make it count.

Quality. What’s on your t-shirt isn’t nearly as important as what’s in it, or who’s behind it. STPLs are meant to be lived in, so by necessity they need to last (and look fresh) through every adventure. Yes, even if that adventure occasionally means the office. That means less waste in landfills and less of an impact on our planet. Fast fashion exploits people in lower income countries, which is the antithesis of STPL. We chose to be better than that and built a relationship with a fair trade, WRAP-certified manufacturer who’s name we actually know (it's Juan, by the way).

Simplicity. Not to be confused with minimalism. Old school craftsmanship is so good because it’s made to last, and that’s definitely something we can get behind. When it came to our branding and packaging, we wanted something in between that classic craftsmanship… and spaceship. Obviously, right? It would’ve been too easy to go the monochrome route, so we added understated flash and unique shapes for an instantly identifiable brand that feels futuristic. But also like it’s always existed. Something as timeless as a black v-neck t-shirt.

Ease. What’s easier than throwing on a pair of blue selvedge denim and a crisp white t-shirt? Shopping for that t-shirt. Life should be as easy as possible and that vibe should carry through to everything – including getting your STPLs. Enter the subscription service, with a quarterly delivery of fresh staples delivered to your door in some very fly packaging. Every last detail has been carefully considered for the perfect balance of simplicity and distinctiveness. Easy as.

With STPLs that look good, do good, and are made good well, we stay connected to the inspiration that underpins our past and motivates our future. Because life is our one big adventure. Let’s make it meaningful.

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