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The Art Of Tailoring

The art of tailoring dates back to the early middle ages. 

Some of the earliest tailors were linen armorers by trade, meaning they created custom, padded linen garments that were worn under chain mail to protect the wearer from the chafing associated with heavy armour.

Over time tailoring morphed into an essential service for the discerning fashionista.

The mecca for aficionados of bespoke tailoring, Savile Row occupies a quiet corner of Mayfair that runs parallel with Regent Street.

The street was mainly occupied by military officers and their wives until tailors started to take premises in the 1800s. The first major incursion of tailoring into Savile Row was made by Henry Poole in the late 1840s.

Through the remainder of the Victorian age and into the twentieth-century, Savile Row firmly shifted its character from a residential enclave to a thriving street of suit makers – enjoying the custom of many high-profile clients including royalty, statesmen, sporting stars, and literary and theatrical celebrities.

Today, Savile Row continues to thrive as the heartland of British tailoring.

Basics should stand the test of time, be comfortable enough to wear every day and be beautifully crafted for additional style.

This is why we have partnered with world-class tailors trained in Savile Row to ensure every last detail has been taken care of.

Every stitch, seam and thread has been carefully considered to ensure that your basics are far from basic.

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