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Moondust Grey V-Neck.

Moondust Grey V-Neck.


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The STPL T has been designed to look great wherever you wear it. Whether you are heading to a meeting, on a date. out with your pals or kicking back at home. The STPL T will be by your side.


The ultimate t-shirt fabric -Pima cotton's exceptional softness, natural breathability, and enduring durability collectively establish it as the ultimate t-shirt fabric. The Peruvian climate, rich history of cotton cultivation and ban on crop GMOs has led to the world's best Pima cotton.


  • Handpicked Pima Cotton - Hand-picked Pima cotton stands as a testament to a honoured tradition that transcends mechanisation, offering a textile experience that is as refined as it is sustainable.
  • Double stitch - Guarantees the lasting shape of The STPL T. This meticulous detail is paramount in maintaining both the aesthetic allure and the perfect fit over time.
  • Neck ribbing - Carefully crafted promises both comfort and refinement, making every wear a statement of timeless elegance.


This t-shirt was made in a WRAP certified facility. WRAP stands for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. It is a globally recognised independent certification program that ensures ethical and responsible manufacturing.


Fabric: £10

Fairly paid craftspeople: £14 per hour

Shipping from Peru to STPL HQ: £2

Packaging: £3

At STPL, fairness is woven into every seam. Our commitment to fair pricing means more than just numbers; it's about the people and materials behind our creations.

We start with top-tier fabrics, ensuring our collection isn't just stylish but built to endure. Each piece is a testament to quality, designed to withstand time and trends.

Equally important is the well-being of our craftspeople. They work in good conditions and are fairly compensated for their exceptional skills. This ethical approach ensures pride in their craft, reflecting in every garment they create.

Our pricing is transparent, reflecting the true value of craftsmanship and quality materials. When you choose STPL, you're not just buying a product; you're supporting fairness and investing in enduring style.

Join us in celebrating craftsmanship, fair treatment, and lasting quality—where every purchase carries the great vibes of ethical practices and the longevity of fine materials.


This soft grey tee is in it for the long-haul. Our basics are made with effortless dressing in mind and this grey hue will go with just about anything – seriously. Its perfect fit, expert construction and second-skin softness will be the starting point for so many outfits, whether beers with the boys or a weekend date. Style with jeans for a casual look or smarten it up by layering under a blazer. It’s an unbeatable style.

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    • Where It's Made

      STPL is taking ownership of our role to drive positive change by working with ethical partners. The STPL T is crafted by fairly paid people working in WRAP certified facilities.

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    • Why Pima Cotton

      This exquisite cotton variety, cultivated in the sun-drenched landscapes of South America, boasts elongated fibers that bestow upon it a silky, luxurious touch.

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    • Inspired By History

      The STPL T is inspired by absolute legends. As James Dean showed us, the humble tee can be anything you want it to be - it all depends on how you make yours exceptional.

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