Our packaging

Our packaging

STPL x Paptic:

When we launched STPL in 2019 our packaging was slightly different to our packing today.

Our original recyclable boxes are still the same but our mailers (The large envelope which goes into our STPL box) did not meet our sustainability requirements.

As four avid environmentalists we made a commitment to ensuring that no sea turtle would ever eat a STPL package for lunch so we had no choice but to look for an alternative.

We went back to the drawing board to search high and low for an alternative. There were many different options including compostable mailers, on further examination many of these sustainable alternatives were not sustainable at all.

For example, compostable mailers are great but only if one has a machine which can process them. Unfortunately, not many waste disposal sites have the capacity to recycle them and so they end up in landfill.

It was after many red herrings and dead ends that we came across Paptic.

Paptic is a next generation sustainable packaging material made of  renewable raw materials from sustainably managed forests. It is available as FSC certified material.

Paptic is plastic free and offers a unique combination of sustainability and strength, it also feels great to touch.

Manufactured on current paper machines:

We believe that true sustainability can on only be achieved by making it easy for everyone involved in the journey. It is extremely important that our practices are as practical as possible and don’t involve huge changes for our suppliers.

Paptic is produced on current paper processing machines with only slight modifications. Manufacturers don’t have to invest in expensive new machinery, they can use existing production lines to manufacture Paptic so it is both energy and cost efficient for suppliers to work with Paptic.

Communicating brand values through packaging:

We want our packaging to reflect our brand values and Paptic allows us to do exactly this. It is a high-quality material that looks and feels great whilst also influencing positive change in the fashion world. 


First reuse, then recycle. We believe that moving away from single use items is great for our planet. One of the properties we love about Paptic is how it can be reused many times. We love it when people tell us about how they have repurposed our mailers for different things which we never even dreamt of.


After many reuses, finally, all Paptic materials can be recycled with packaging papers and cardboard.

We are extremely proud to say that we use a material which is sustainable, ethical, practical and high quality and would like nothing more than to inspire others to make a similar change.

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