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STPL x Paptic

When we launched STPL, we decided that our packaging had to be 100% sustainable. As four avid environmentalists with a passion for the environment, there was no way we were going to use a packaging solution which causes unnecessary harm to the planet.

After researching compostable mailers, we found that companies need a special type of machine to recycle them. The machines are expensive, so not many companies own them. This means that compostable mailers tend to end up in landfills and are rarely recycled, so they weren't right for us.

It was after many Google searches and speaking to various industry experts that we found a next-gen bio material called Paptic. 

Paptic is a plastic free fully sustainable packaging solution made from recycled wood pulp.

Paptic work with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests to ensure that they use only the most sustainable materials for their packaging solution.

Paptic has many wonderful properties, and we were thoroughly impressed by the quality of the mailers. We want you to feel exceptional as soon as you open your STPL box, which is why we demand high quality products from all of our partners. We were thoroughly impressed by the touch and feel of Paptic mailers when they arrived. It was like love at first touch. 

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