Peruvian pima cotton t-shirts - softer than your average - STPL

Peruvian pima cotton t-shirts - softer than your average

The humble t-shirt comes in many forms, but there’s one indisputable fact: the softer the shirt, the better. Except finding that perfectly worn-in yet still put together tee was like searching for a unicorn. Or, if you want to compare us to a classic fairy tale, we’d be Goldilocks. We tried the gamut when it came to tees. They were too fitted. Too loose. Too scratchy. Too draped at the back. You name it, we tried it. And in this search we thought longer and deeper on what became an existential question about t-shirts than any normal person ever should. 

Then we made our own t-shirt and cut it from 100% peruvian pima cotton, which means it’s got the whole lightweight and soft thing going on. If the best t-shirt is a three-way Venn diagram of softness, versatility, and quality then we’ve found our holy t-shirt trinity.


Peruvian pima cotton = supreme softness

We knew that the backbone of the perfect t-shirt had to be softness, and pima cotton has that in spades. The yarn is grown and hand-harvested in Peru and has longer, silkier fibres than regular cotton, which makes it softer than a puppy and stronger than your deadlift. Pima is a premium cotton that’s resilient enough to last through anything and looks crisp, wash after wash. What more could you want from a wardrobe staple?


Every STPL is wear-with-everything versatile

We traipsed through Peru to find the softest cotton known to man so we could fulfill our life’s purpose: make a t-shirt that went with everything. The kind of shirt you want to sleep in, hang out in, and never take off (until you put another one on, of course). Every STPL is the epitome of a have-it-forever tee: a thoughtfully constructed, classic fit that wears well on every occasion. It’s the Swiss army knife of shirts and that’s just the way we like it


A tee as hardworking as you are

Pima cotton lasts twice as long as regular cotton, so every STPL is destined for one hell of an adventure. And its handmade construction means it’ll definitely outlast everything else in your closet and still look pretty much the way it did when you pulled it out of the shiny gold mailer. 

A STPL pima cotton t-shirt ticks all the boxes: lived-in, yet classic. Softer than a cloud, yet refined enough to hold its own - without trying too hard. If this is what the holy trinity of t-shirts looks like in real life, we’ll take it as proof of the divine.

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