Exceptionalist 005: Adam Firman - STPL

Exceptionalist 005: Adam Firman

Adam Firman

Adam is an Interior & Landscape Photographer and an avid nature lover. He makes everyday exceptional by framing magnificent landscape scenes in his own unique style with his meticulous eye for detail and appreciation for the role of light in aesthetics.

How did you first get into photography and what inspired you to do it?

It was Instagram that started the obsession off. My mate Lewis (@lhackett) was already taking photos of landscapes around the UK introduced me to a group of very talented photographers called the "Peaks Collective" who were capturing amazing colours, mood and atmosphere in their pictures from around the Peak District. I was instantly obsessed with their work and so started to travel to different parts of the UK with my phone, taking loads of pictures of landscapes and learning how to edit with apps like snapseed and VSCO. This went on for about a year until I bought my first camera, a Canon 500d, and switched to lightroom which was about 4 years ago now. I would say my main inspiration is Daniel Casson (@dpc_photography_). A true master of the game and a good friend.

What are your favourite places/place to shoot?

I love the Lake District, the Peak District and Scotland in the UK. The Lakes would probably be my number one, it just has something about it that really resonates with me. Feels like a fairy tale land and has such great colours all year around. Outside of the UK would be the Faroe Islands. They have such a unique and distinct form to their landscapes, which I often describe as “the bastard child of Norway, Scotland and Iceland”. It cultivates such an epic mood for photos and always offers up stunning colours for photographs.


Adam hiking in our Supernova White Crew


What advice would you give to a budding photographer?

Don't leave the house without your camera. You may not realise it straight away but your eye is drawn to specific things and the more you take photos the more you start to understand what it is you are drawn to. It will take some time but eventually you will start to filter out all things you don't want to take photos of and your eye will become astute.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I parallel my travel photography with interior photography in London. Working for a magazine like Apartamento or the Modern House are both goals. In terms of my landscapes, I am currently learning how to progress into video and make clips that transform my photographs into a moving clip of a minute or so soundtracked with ambient music. I listen to it a lot when I edit so seems fitting and should hopefully translate well. I also want to put on an exhibition next year focusing on scenes emphasising where the focus is drawn to a sole force of nature captured in a frame. It was set to happen in April this year but then a pandemic struck so sadly I had to postpone. It will be held next year at The Blue Shop Cottage in Camberwell so for those interested in coming keep an eye on my IG/Twitter/Website for updates. 

Instagram: @AdamFirman
Twitter: @Adam_Firman_
Website: www.adamfirman.com



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