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Exceptionalist 007: Matthew Robertson

Matthew Robertson

As an explorer and outdoorsman, Matthew makes everyday exceptional by sharing his love and appreciation of nature with anyone searching for the peace or adventure it provides; teaching that the simple pleasures create the most wonderful memories. He founded Momentum Life to spread that message and help others access those same experiences.

When did you fall in love with what you do and how did you get started?

The wilderness is all I’ve ever known. I would look out the window at school and wonder what was beyond the hills. I’m not a conformist and the confines of the classroom made my soul grey. I felt an uncontrollable urge to explore, so I would just run away from school for days and chase the horizon looking for adventure. Much to the torment of family! So I guess I didn’t have a choice, the outdoors chose me and it’s all I want to do till my last breath. 

As for how I got started, long story short, it wasn’t until my 30’s that I found the outdoors could be a job…I found myself in the Himalayas looking at the biggest mountain range on earth. I was spellbound by the majesty of the place and knew from that moment, all I wanted was to share that feeling and bring people joy through the power of the outdoors. That was the day Momentum was born.

What was your earliest childhood ambition?

As a child I was always looking up at the stars, fascinated by what lay beyond the confines of our planet. I guess as a child I wanted to explore what I didn’t really understand and space was a place of wonder and intrigue. Being an astronaut sounded like the ultimate adventure. That dream has now evolved into exploring our planet. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and incredibly grateful. I get to do what I truly love every day.

Who was or still is your mentor?

An amazing man called Mark Diggins, he’s one of the most prolific mountain guides in the world. He taught me how to be safe, to guide and be kind to our planet. To this day he fascinates me with his teachings and always has incredible words of wisdom. He gave me the courage to follow my dream, to be humble and calm in the mountains. He’s also Godfather to my son. I hope his wisdom flows into my son and enables him to have the courage to follow his dream, whatever that may be.

 What difference are you striving to make in the world?

Firstly, to be kind to our planet, it’s the only one we’ve got. 

Secondly, I feel we as humans have become lost, always chasing the next thing, believing we will be happy tomorrow. We always want more money, a better home, more, more more…I feel we need dial back and go backwards to move forwards. No one said on their death bed said, ‘I wish I’d made more money’. They say, I wish I travelled more and spent more time with loved ones. So my contribution is to create experiences that create memories. To me, that’s a gift that lasts a lifetime.

What drives you on?

My children and the unknown, I have a thirst for knowledge, it’s what drives me to keep exploring and evolving.

What career advice would you give your 16yr old self?

Never, ever, give up. Try to find a balance in life. Always look up and be kind.

What's on the cards professionally and personally in the next 12 months?

With a world in turmoil, it’s a tricky question. Right now we are focusing on creating incredible outdoor content to inspire people to explore and get outside. It seems to be working, so myself and the team are highly motivated to keep that goodness flowing. 

What secret ambitions do you still have?

To stay happy and healthy, so I can show my children the world and create lasting memories together. I would also like to ride my motorbike around the world.

If there was one-piece advice you could give to people aspiring to do what you do, what would it be?

Take chances, be brave, don’t take no for an answer and follow your dream. 

What is the greatest challenge of our time?

Our planet! It seems we do nothing but take from it and rarely give back. But it’s the only one we’ve got, we must be mindful of that.

Mental health, we live in a world that is always ‘on’. Sometimes just like a computer we stop working. By shutting down, rebooting, we can readdress the balance and start functioning again. The outdoors is free, feels great and is so good for the soul.

Instagram: @thismomentumlife

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