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The STPL Oxford: Made In Italy

Italy is an incredible country and Italians are world-famous for their dedication to class, style and craftsmanship. It was this passion for style which led us to decide that we wanted The STPL Oxford to be made in Italy.

The fashion schools of Italy are renowned for producing highly skilled tailors who show true passion and dedication to their craft, which is what inspired our decision to work with Francesco.

Tailor at work

A great piece of clothing lies in the quality of the fabric, so we had no choice but to source a fabric which is breathable, comfortable, stylish and versatile and this is why we decided to use fabric made by Monti.

In the second half of the 19th century, Giorgio Giuseppe Monti produced a pipeline weave with a handcraft loom and started weaving high quality Oxford cotton. It was in 1911 when his three sons, Evaristo, Venerio and Bruno organised their family activities into a more complete industrial system.

Over the following one hundred and ten years, the Monti family have gone from strength to strength and delved deep into their incredible history to create a luxurious cotton weave which is lightweight, luxurious and breathable.

A great staple can be worn on a variety of different occasions so we designed The STPL Oxford to be versatile. We asked Francesco to use his skills to incorporate versatility into the shirt and he hit the nail on the head, he wove together the Italian style with classic English formality to create an Oxford shirt which looks as good at a wedding as it does on a night out. 

Blue Oxford Shirt

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