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Everyday Exceptionalist 18: EnØs

Born in the Netherlands and raised in Switzerland, two brothers, Derek and Michael Harnischberg created techno capsule called EnØs.

Their unique and amazing sound makes them a highlight of many people's festival experiences and nights out.

Their commitment to making incredible music and pushing boundaries in the electronic scene not only sees EnØs making everyday exceptional but make every day exceptional for other people as well.


Enos live for VSNZ - Stockholm


What / who inspired you guys to become DJs?

We both always had an interest in music since childhood. We had separates projects and once thought that it could be interesting to try and work together, just to see what the result could be, and there ENØS was born.

What has been your favourite set so far?

Every set is always unique and one of a kind, we had so many beautiful moments while playing. Lately we had a blast playing in Nordstern Basel, but one for the books will always be our first time playing in Hï Ibiza with Afterlife.

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?

First, the fact that we had the opportunity to play our music on three different continents will always seem unreal to us and we will always be blessed about it. Also, everytime we see artists we admire play our songs, and people getting aroused about it, is, still to this day, a big thing for us.

What tips would you give to an aspiring DJ?

Not the best advice to give but keep working and working, be really patient, many doors may close in front of you, but if you stay focused you’ll find your path. Moreover, always trust yourself and be yourself in what you do.

How do you prepare for a set?

We don’t really have a special was to prepare our sets, we usually prepare some kind of a canvas with the tracks we want to play, depending on the venue, the people, our mood, and so on. We try to always play a unique and innovative set, different from the previous one. Usually, you shouldn’t hear the same set from us twice (if we do the job right).

What’s your process when it comes to creating new music?

There is no process nor rule, it never comes the same. It’s generally an addition of ideas between us two, like bricks in a wall, a track is something you build. We are not used to work on only one track, we work on many projets at the same time, sometimes mixing them together (or not).

We also often need some time between the beginning of a project and it’s achievement to get our minds clear. Also, inspiration can come from anywhere, we’re both listening to so many different kinds of music (mainly old school rock and blues), movies can be so inspirational as well, weather, actuality, it can come from anywhere.

Which young and up and coming DJs do you think we should know about?

For some time, we’ve been receiving many promos, some really good things to be honest. There is one for us that really stands out, he’s artist name is LKNV, he’s from Argentina, he is full of talent and very promising.

Which other instruments can you guys play?

Guitar, bass, piano and drums.

Are there any DJs in particular who you would love to play a set with?

We once played before Mind Against but we’d love to play a B2B with them.

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