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Classic Italian Oxford Shirts - 100% Cotton

Classic Italian Oxford Shirts - 100% Cotton


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Designed by Francesco, The STPL Oxford has been designed to look great wherever you wear it. Whether you are heading to a meeting, on a date. out with your pals or kicking back at home. The STPL Oxford will be by your side.


100% Pure Italian Cotton spun by The Monti Family - The Monti family is a prominent Italian textile manufacturing family known for their expertise in producing high-quality fabrics, particularly for men's shirts. With their environmentally friendly non-toxic dies and generational commitment to excellence they have created something truly special. 

With roots dating back to the late 19th century, the Monti family has established itself as a leading authority in the textile industry, renowned for its innovative techniques and commitment to excellence.

Over generations, the Monti family has built a legacy of craftsmanship and refinement, earning international recognition for their contributions to the world of fashion and textile production.


Medium Weight - The balanced weight of The STPL Oxford offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. This versatile piece is ideal for all seasons, making it a must-have in any well-curated wardrobe.

Single Yarn - Single yarn significantly enhances the quality of Oxford shirts. Its long fibers yield a smoother and softer texture, offering greater comfort.

Additionally, single yarn contributes to a uniform and polished appearance, with better dye retention, keeping shirts vibrant for longer.

Mother of Pearl Buttons - Renowned for their strength and durability.

Thanks to their solid construction and their ability to resist wear and tear, mother of pearl buttons ensure STPL shirts last a lifetime.


Monti prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices throughout its operations. This includes sourcing materials from suppliers with eco-friendly and fair labor practices, minimising environmental impact during production, and actively engaging in industry initiatives for sustainability.

Additionally, the company supports worker welfare and community development efforts.


Fabric: £30

Fairly paid craftspeople: £14 per hour

Shipping from Italy to STPL HQ: £2

Packaging: £5

Cut by our Saville Row trained tailor, Francesco, the STPL Oxford has been designed to be cool, understated and stylish. 

Francesco has taken inspiration from his Italian heritage and combined it with contemporary British tailoring to craft an Oxford shirt which is both simple and elegant. 

The STPL commitment to world class fabrics led us to the quaint Italian commune of Maserada sul Piave and the worlds greatest Oxford cotton weavers, Monti. Founded in 1911 by Evaristo, Vanerio and Bruno, Monti have perfected the art of cotton spinning and created an Oxford weave which is lightweight, breathable and durable. With their environmentally friendly non-toxic dies and generational commitment to excellence they have created something truly special. 

Designed with excellence and crafted by artisans. STPL have created a wardrobe staple which will have you looking on top of your game for many years to come.

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  • Designed On Savile Row

    Savile Row is the world capital of tailoring for a reason. It is only fitting that The STPL Oxford is designed here.

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  • Crafted In Italy

    Italy is an incredible country and the people are world-famous for their dedication to class, style and craftsmanship. 

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  • Inspired By History

    The STPL Oxford is inspired by the legends who are responsible for making the Oxford shirt an iconic staple.

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