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Oxford Shirt - Celestial Blue

Oxford Shirt - Celestial Blue

As GQ put it, "every stitch, seam and button has been carefully considered to ensure that this shirt is fit for champions."

Cut by our in-house tailor Francesco, the STPL Oxford has been designed to be cool, understated and stylish. 

The Celestial Blue takes inspiration from the colour of the sky on a clear summer's day and represents the power of a dream.

The STPL commitment to world class fabrics led us to the quaint Italian commune of Maserada sul Piave and the worlds greatest Oxford cotton weavers, Monti. Founded in 1911 by Evaristo, Vanerio and Bruno, Monti have perfected the art of cotton spinning and created an Oxford weave which is lightweight, breathable and durable. With their environmentally friendly non-toxic dies and generational commitment to excellence they have created something truly special. 

By taking inspiration from his Italian heritage and combining it with contemporary British tailoring, Francesco has crafted an Oxford shirt which is both simple and elegant.

Through subtle details in the design, tailor Francesco weaves into the shirts the sprezzatura that is characteristic of Italian tailoring.

Designed with excellence and crafted by artisans. STPL have created a wardrobe staple which will have you looking on top of your game for many years to come.  

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