Being committed to ethical practices and using the world’s finest fabrics and greatest craftspeople must come with a heavy price tag, right?


Many brands use buzzwords such as "ethically sourced" and "sustainable" to inflate their prices and convince people that to start shopping consciously is unaffordable.

At STPL we have worked tirelessley to create an accesible price point so that everyone can join us in the slow fashion revolution.

By streamlining our processes, selling directly to our consumers and having no retail presence we can elimiate costs such as bills and rent which traditionally would have been passed on to the customer.

We host a permanent collection and are able to eliminate overbuying as well as never having to dispose of stock.

We use high quality fabrics and work with Savile Row trained tailors to create staples which get better and better the more you wear them. 

Every STPL item is an investment into your wardrobe and will be with you on every adventure you go on.