Being committed to ethical practices and using the world’s finest fabrics and greatest craftspeople must come with a heavy price tag, right?


We achieve all these things at STPL, but still have a fair and affordable price point for our shirts. We have compared our prices to brand’s that have gone through the same process to produce a similar product, but with a price tag 2-3 times our retail price.

We are proud to have achieved such affordability by streamlining our processes, selling directly to our consumers and having an honest and open pricing structure.

Our lack of retail presence means no high monthly rent, bills and staffing costs need to be passed on to the customer.

Our mission is to elevate the STPL items in your wardrobe - the timeless pieces that do not change. By hosting a permanent collection we are able to eliminate overbuying as well as never having to dispose of stock - all costs that traditional retailers pass on to their consumers. 

It’s important our customers are happy, and the people who made the product, too.